Company Profile

Company Name: Kidoizumi Sake Brewing Corporation
Head Office: 7635-1, Ohara, Isumi-shi, Chiba, 298-0004, Japan[MAP
Telephone: +81-470-62-0013
Facsimile: +81-470-62-3300
Representative: President & Toji (5th Master Brewer)
Youto Shouji
Mail s1879@kidoizumi.jp
Foundation: 1879
Capital: ¥10,000,000
Employees: 10
Business: Sake Brewery and sales of sake
Bank: The Chiba Bank, Ltd. The Keiyo Bank,Ltd. The Chiba Kogyo Bank,Ltd.

Message from 5th Master Brewer

We have been brewing saké in this region since 1879. Taking the house name “KIDO” and combining it with the character for fountain “IZUMI,” symbolizing saké, the brand name “KIDOIZUMI” was created. In 1956, the proprietary method was founded based on my grandfather’s (the 3th master brewer) steadfast belief in “delectably splendid saké.” Since then, we have been determinedly continuing this tradition of natural brewing for over 60 years. With the motto of delectably splendid saké, we will continue to offer refreshingly balanced saké with a deeply clear flavor that pairs well with any meal.

Water can be said to be the lifeblood of the saké brewing process. Receiving this blessing from our land, our skilled brewers pour their hearts and souls into their saké. Rice is another blessing from our land. Every year we unfailingly demonstrate our gratitude to the harvested saké rice and share our delight for another successful brew with our entire staff.

Brewing saké continually brings us challenges year after year. We will continue to pursue further possibilities and developments as well as move forward with the people, water, and rice with which we are associated.

President & Toji (5th Master Brewer): Youto Shouji